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Call Us HEIGHTS (832)-856-1416 or HOSPITAL Location Inside The Woman's Hospital of Texas at 832-794-1289.

So You've Decided to Cloth Diaper

Congratulations! You have decided to cloth diaper your baby!


So now what?

There are so many choices and different kinds and I bet you feel overwhelmed. I did! I read all the articles I could find and searched online to find what would work for me. After talking to friends who cloth diaper and ordering many different kinds of diapers and trying them I finally found the ones that worked best for me. I had different kinds for each different situation - daycare had one kind, babysitters another, and at home we had still another! Below is an attempt to help you find what will work best for you.

If you are local to Houston, TX please call or click here to set up an cloth diaper consultation to explore in a hands on way all the different types of cloth diapers. This is a thirty minute private or semi private session that allows the participates to explore what all the different styles of cloth diapering that are available as well as work up a cost saving plan and place an order if desired. The cost of the consultation is $25 for private and if you and a friend are considering cloth we also offer a $15 per family for semi private (2 family minimum). The cost of the consultation can be used as a discount to your purchase of $150 in cloth diapers.

Prefolds and Inserts - Prefold diapers are what you probably think of when you think of cloth diapers. They are the rectangular diaper that mother and grandmother of past have used. They are sewn with more layers in the middle and can be pinned or use a Snappi (see Diaper Accesories ) to wrap around the baby or can be folded and secured with a cover. Inserts are just a more modern version of prefolds and are placed inside of a diaper cover. They can be as simple as just a few layers of fabric sewn together or, in the case of a contour or fitted insert, cut in the shape of a diaper. Fitted inserts can include snaps to keep it in place without any pins. These diapers are not waterproof on their own and require a cover to keep from leaking out.

Pocket Diapers - These are waterproof covers with a pocket sewn into the diaper to hold an insert. These are great to help keep the insert from moving while inside the diaper.

All-in-One Diaper - Is just what it sounds like. The absorbent inserts are sewn into the diaper so there are no separate pieces to find or purchase. These are great if you are looking for a diaper that is just like a disposable diaper - except better for the environment!

Diaper Covers - When using a prefold or insert a PUL lined cover can keep all the wetness in. These covers come in great colors and fun prints and can be used multiple times before washing, just wipe it out between each diaper change.

2 in 1 Diapers - Are diaper covers with snaps in them that attach to the insert that is placed inside.

For more information about cloth diapers please visit the Real Diaper Association's diaper facts page.

We carry many different diapers but all our diapers at The Pure Parenting Shop are proudly made in the USA!


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