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Rachel's Remedy Disposable Moistening Cloths- 12 Pack


Rachel's Remedy Disposable Moistening Cloths are perfect for travel, days away from home so you don't need to carry a wet cloth in your bag, or whenever you want the convenience of a disposable. Single-use cloths can be moistened with warm or cold water, and used in place of the Organic Moistening Layer that came with your Rachel's Remedy Relief Pack.

Rachel's Remedy is the only moist heat or cooling relief product for nursing mothers. Easy to use, and even easier to wear, it slips easily into a bra, for on-the-go treatment. Comfortable and gentle on the skin, Rachel's Remedy comes with a flaxseed filled pillow insert to warm in the microwave or chill in the freezer. Simply slip it into the waterproof pouch, and then into your bra for soothing treatment on-the-go. A soft, organic cotton cloth can be moistened under warm or cold water and attached to the pouch, to wear against the skin.

Moist heat is a recognized method to encourage let-down and increase milk flow. Moist heat also helps with preventing mastitis, counteracting plugged ducts and milk blebs, and more. With Rachel's Remedy, you can breastfeed longer, for a healthier mom and baby.

Rachel's Remedy is a must-have for every nursing mom.

Includes one pack of 12 Rachel's Remedy Disposable Moistening Cloths.


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