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Free Delivery ONLY In The Houston, Texas Area And Free Pick Up. You Can Also Call Us At Our HEIGHTS About Shoe, Bra Or Babywearing Fitting Appointments (832)-856-1416 or At Our HOSPITAL Location Inside The Woman's Hospital of Texas at 832-794-1289.
Call Us HEIGHTS (832)-856-1416 or HOSPITAL Location Inside The Woman's Hospital of Texas at 832-794-1289.

Symphony Plus Breast Pump (Rental Only)


Symphony Plus Breast Pump Rental

Please call to verify rental is available for pick up or delivery to your room within The Woman's Hospital of Texas.  832-794-1289

A contract will need to filled out upon receipt of the rental equipment.


When might I need or want a hospital grade breast pump?

If you are planning to feed your baby breast milk but not breastfeed, you will most likely want (and need!) a double electric pump.

Also if your baby is premature a hospital grade pump can help as its motor is stronger than a typical personal motor pump.

Another situation a hospital grade pump might be helpful is if your baby is too sick to breastfeed.  Again it offers a stronger suction than other motorized or hand pumps.

Lastly, if you have issues with low milk supply, a hospital grade pump is the best option.

About Symphony Plus Breast Pump

  • Initiation Technology™: Symphony PLUS technology used soon after birth can significantly increase breast milk production. The INITIATE program contains a mixture of stimulation phases, an expression phase and a pause phase that mimic healthy infant feeding behaviors. 
  • 2-Phase Expression® technology: Can be used by all mothers to help build and maintain milk production. MAINTAIN program can be used to build upon initiation and maintain their milk production. 
  • Convenient: Single or double pumping. 
  • Two separate, independent membrane units: Allows switching between single and double pumping by simply applying or removing the second collection kit to the breast.
  • Let-down button: Moms can easily return to stimulation by pressing the let-down button.
  • Initiate and maintain milk supply: If direct breastfeeding is not possible, as well as collect breast milk at work or during other absences from the baby. 
  • Hospital grade (multi-user): The pump's kit is separate from the pumping mechanism and protected from overflow by a specially designed membrane.

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