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Happy Down Syndrome Day!

Happy Down Syndrome Day!

Today is World Down Syndrome day which was first officially observed in 2012. Today people wear brightly colored, crazy, mismatched socks or even an extra third sock. Do you know why?

So, first what is Down Syndrome? Down syndrome, or trisomy 21 is a genetic disorder in which the person possesses all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21, that often results in some level of learning disability and certain physical characteristics. 

If you have ever met someone with Down Syndrome you immediately know that that extra piece of joy they have in them, is a gift. Children with down syndrome are sometimes able to attend regular classes while others require more specialized environments. Many adults with Down Syndrome are able to hold jobs and live on their own. About 1 in every 1000 babies born will be affected with trisomy 21. It is believed to occur by chance and not because of any outside environmental factor or genetic trait being passed on.

Both as a former special education teacher and in my daily life, I have had the privilege to meet multiple persons with Down Syndrome. After my encounters I have always been especially grateful for the new outlook on life that the person has given me. Their overwhelming love for life and everything around them is contagious. This year’s theme, “Leave no one behind,” comes from a desire to spread the word that all persons with Down Syndrome should be given an opportunity to live a happy and fulfilling life. I have decided to wear a pair of Magic Socks from the shop in honor of the magic people I know who possess this extra chromosome.

So why socks? And why brightly colored, mismatched socks? The chromosome 21 is shaped like a sock so the idea of wearing socks comes from the shape of the chromosome 21 itself and the date comes from 3-21 (March 21), or the third chromosome 21. This day is set aside to bring awareness to everyone of what Down Syndrome is, and to help advocate for the rights, well being, and inclusion of persons with Down Syndrome. 

So please join us in celebrating the people in our lives and yours with Down Syndrome and post a picture of your crazy socks on our Facebook or Instagram page.

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