Tidy Tots Trial Pack

Tidy Tots

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Appeal to Baby's personality with trim and adorable diaper covers, and rely on its patented design and materials to provide a comfy Leak Free experience that keeps baby giggling away the days. Use Tidy Tots unique covers with SmartRise™ and TruFit™ for the perfect fit everyday.

Our Hassle Free Diaper Covers Have:

  • Deep gussets for a wall of protection
  • Leak Free Flaps for a pocket of protection around the waist
  • Special Trim seals all the seams
  • SmartRise™ self adjusts the fit
  • TruFit™ Snaps hug baby's waist for the the perfect natural embrace
  • Fits 10-36 lbs.
  • Made In U.S.A
  • Made In USA, at a facility that supports individuals with disabilities

Each Trail Pack Includes:

10 Flushies Liners
2 No fold Diapers
2 Boosters
1 Snap Cover (see description for cover color/print)

A Trail Pack is a great way to try out this exceptional diaper with two diaper changes to see how this diaper style works for you and your family.

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