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Super Undies - Bamboo Hemp Inserts

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This innovative Hero bamboo/hemp cloth diaper insert is designed to give you a customizable option when fitting your child's wetness capacity with absorbency. This is a two-piece set, consisting of a three-layer pocketed insert, and a two-layer microfiber Step-Up Insert pre-stuffed inside. It is the ultimate in overnight protection and offers you the best of all fibers.

The fibers of the Bamboo/Hemp offer you a long lasting tight hold to the wetness, while the microfiber gives you the fastest absorbency of any cloth insert on the market. Together, this insert combination gives you the best of the qualities that modern day absorbency fibers can offer, but you will have to wash the bamboo insert 6-10 times for it to shrink down, fit in your undies, and be optimally absorbent.

If your child still wets through this insert, use additional absorbency to match their output capacity. The size and shape of this diaper insert is perfectly matched to the Nighttime Underwear Hero, offering full coverage from the top of the front of the undies to the top of the back of the undies. The flared-out contoured shape gives even more soaking power to the insert and helps it lock in place. 

Eco-Friendly cloth diaper insert
Three layers of bamboo/hemp for max effectiveness
Pocket style to add more absorbency 
Separate included two-layer microfiber Step-up Insert. 
Perfect contoured fit to lay in Nighttime Underwear Heroes without twisting 
Top to top full absorbency coverage when used in the Hero

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