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Mommy's Watches

Mommy's Watches

SKU: Mommyswatches-Blue

The Mommy’s Watch is a unique smart device that gives moms, dads and caregivers a new and easy way to keep track of the time and temperature of breast milk bottles and bags. The watch is designed to count down time faster at room temperatures and slower in refrigerators and freezers. It also follows guidelines published by the US Food and Drug Administration and the Center for Disease Control. The red and green indicator lights identify when the timer is still counting or when it has timed out. Additionally, the band is made out of food grade silicone. Lastly, the watch was invented by a busy mom who needed just that.


Product Use

Our Mommy’s Watches are really easy to use! Just attach the product to the freshly sealed bottle or bag and set the timer. To check if the timer is still counting, press the center button briefly.


The green light indicates that the timer is still counting and the red light indicates that the timer has run out.

More Information

  • Reusable
  • Fits most breastfeeding bottles and bags
  • Operational battery lifetime is over one year
  • Non Microwavable
  • Not Dishwasher Safe
  • Complies with FCC Rules and Regulations
  • Product developed, designed and assembled in the United States
  • Band made with food grade silicone
  • US Patented Technology
  • International Patent Pending
  • Bottle and bag are not included

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