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Lorelei Anthias Woven Wrap 3.2 (Size 3)


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A woven wrap in our stunning siren design, Lorelei, in a rich purple to turquoise gradation.

High quality, 100% cotton with Öko-Tex Standard 100 certificate
♥ Medium weight wrap (270 +/- 30 GSM)
♥ Requires minimal breaking in and is soft and moldable after a few wears
♥ Woven in Poland
Ideal for babies of all ages, including newborns


Tula Wovens are jacquard wraps specifically designed and woven for Tula. Known for their versatility and support, a woven wrap is a piece of soft fabric that can be used to safely wear your child in a variety of carries in the front, back, and hip positions.

Tula Wovens will become softer, and more moldable, with wear. It is recommended that you wash your wrap before use. Tula wovens are available in a variety of sizes (size chart below) which reflect the length of the fabric. Any size can be worn by all body types, but the length of the wrap will affect the types of carries you can accomplish with your wrap. New to woven wraps? Watch our instructional video here: http://www.tulababycarriers.com/pages/baby-wrap-instructions.

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