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Comfy Joey Water Ring Sling

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Want to frolic in the pool with your baby but can't figure out how to hang onto your slippery little girl/guy? Need your hands free at the beach while you're chasing an older kiddo (or just catching up on some summer reading? Or just want to share your shower time with baby? No matter the case, grab a beautiful new Comfy Joey Water Sling - ideal for frolicking in the water with your little - or not so little! - one.

Comfy Joey's Water Slings are amazingly thin; yet supportive, secure and will not slip through the rings, moldable with a lovely drape, quick drying, breathable, soft; not scratchy, has a comfortable give; will not sag, color fast and washable.

Comfy Joey Water Slings are good from birth to 35 pounds. They are good for short carries out of the water. We recommend a Comfy Joey Linen Sling for longer dry land carrying.

**Order your regular size if you would like a little extra tail to cover your child's delicate skin from the hot summer sun; or size down, so you don't have to worry about the tail clinging to you while you chase your toddler along the beach shore.**

If you are between sizes and prefer a longer sling, please size up. If you prefer a shorter sling, please size down.

  • **Good for short carries out of the water**
  • We recommend a linen sling for longer dry land carrying in
  • the heat.The Comfy Joey Sizing
  • Table applies to our pouches, for which a perfect fit is
  • critical to comfort and safety. For ring slings, which are designed to be
  • adjustable, size is essentially a matter of how how long you prefer your sling
  • tail.Our measurements are taken on unthreaded
  • slings, from the top of the rings to the bottom of the tail. Sizes go up in
  • 5-inch increments, so Small slings are 73” long, Mediums are
  • 78” long, Larges are 83” long, and XLarges are 88” long.

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