Baby Change-N-Go

Baby Change-N-Go

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Baby Change-N-Go was developed out of a repeated frustration of either not finding diaper changing stations or when they were found, they were filthy. As an alternative we tried sticking to changing the boys' (twins) diapers in our car. This choice was dependent on weather situations and was it a #1 or #2 and if it was a #2 how big of a mess was it. Slanted seats and slanted consoles quickly became difficult, and eventually were not an option, as our boys grew.

We searched online several times for an alternative. Nothing seemed like it was the answer. Every item required laying something somewhere and then taking that something and putting it back in your diaper bag. Ewwwww.

So here is the Baby Change-N-Go a portable changing table for infants and toddlers weighing under 40 lbs.

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