Tinkle Time Potty Time Stickers

Tinkle Time

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  • Place a Tinkle Time sticker at the bottom of the potty bowl
  • When your child urinates on the sticker, the white coating magically becomes transparent revealing a fun Tinkle Time image
  • The child receives an instant reward for going to the potty that positively reinforces their efforts
  • After the potty is gently cleaned, the sticker will return to white as it dries, ready to use again and again
  • Make a game of it and your little one will want to play!

1. Clean and dry the bottom of the potty. Gently remove sticker from the backing without damaging the white surface coating and stick to the inside of the potty at the bottom of the bowl.

2. When your child urinates into the potty, the white surface of the sticker will become transparent to reveal the design.

3. After the sticker dries, it will return to white. Then it is ready to use again.

4. To clean sticker, use only mild non-abrasive cleaners and cloths. Be sure not to scratch or scrub the sticker. Cleaning stickers gently will help them last longer.

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